2019 Race Results

This year the team took our newest car, Luna, to all three North American SAE Baja events. They were, in order, Tennessee Tech, California, and New York. The team was very excited by our top 5 finish in acceleration at the Tennessee competition to start the season. Unfortunately due to weather the endurance event was moved forward to Saturday afternoon and the team was unable to correctly repair failures from the S&T run resulting in us retiring from the endurance race early. In California the team was again able to secure a top 10 acceleration finish but steering issues prevented the team from completing the maneuverability and endurance events. For the final event of the year in Rochester the team finished top 10 in hill climb and top 20 in acceleration. The team had one minor suspension failure during the endurance race but was still able to finish top 30 in the endurance race.

The team was very excited about the progress of the vehicle throughout the competition and looks forward to tweaking and tuning the vehicle throughout the fall in preparation for the new vehicle design. The team looks forward to picking up where we left off as we continue to Go Green, Go White, and Go Fast!

Man Rochester.JPG