Spartan Racing

Michigan State Baja Racing has a history of students working together since the 1990’s. Our teams design, build, and test year round to race their vehicle in SAE competitions throughout the country. Countless hours in MSU’s College of Engineering and Engineering Research Facility result in a Baja Car fabricated from the ground up. Meet the teams that make this possible…



Car: Luna

Events: Tennessee, California, New York

Project Manager: Zachary Brei , Chief Engineer: Hana Irvine

Team Members: Zac Brei,Brian Fedewa, Hana Irvine, Charlie Tappan, Josh Peckens, TJ Singh, Andrew Aziz, Cameron Brantz, Chris Pope, Emily Kulkis, Jacob Morrison, Max Stull, Tariq Salim

Man Rochester.JPG



Car: Envy

Events: Maryland, Kansas

Project Manager: Zachary Brei , Chief Engineer: Luke Crompton

Team Members: George Poliakov, Mitchel Morin, Zac Brei, Adam Bolyard, Brian Fedewa, Matt Strzalkowski, Hana Irvine, Ethan Dublin, Jacob Khodl, Sam Greenwald, Luke Russell, Oscar Scheier, Ray Renaud, Luke Crompton


Car: Nyx

Events: Illinois, Kansas, Winter Baja

Project Manager: Oscar Scheier , Chief Engineer: Jacob Khodl                                                      

Team Members: He Yan, Hana Irving, Eric Martin, Chris Johnson, Matt Strzalkowski, Jacob Khodl, Sam Greenwald, Austin Payne, Oscar Scheier, Luke Crompton, Hardy Huang, Lil Tom Sheldon, Ray Renaud, Michael Holland, Luke Russell

Nyx Unveil.jpg



Car: Ace

Project Manager: Michael , Chief Engineer: Raymond Renaud & Thomas Sheldon

Team Members: Zachary Brei, Luke Crompton, Oscar Scheier, Hannah Irvine, Brian Fedewa, Raymond Renaud, Thomas Sheldon, Eric Martin, Aaron Smith,


Car: Black Betty

Project Manager: Trevor Laskowski & Briita Wanhala , Chief Engineer: Evan Boyer & Brad Labaere   

Team Members: Thomas Sheldon, Trevor Laskowski, Briita Wanhala, Evan Boyer, Brad Labaere, Eric Martin, Jacob Khodl

2015 Team.jpg



Car: Cerberus

Team Members: Danielle Christine Miles, Brad LaBaere, Eric Peters, Kevin Lalko, Michael Holland, Angel Begov, Briita Wanhala, Nathan Gill, Thomas Dionne, Evan Boyers, Trevor Laskowski, Tom Sheldon, Troy Christian and Christopher Baldwin.