Do I need any experience or knowledge of fabrication and off road racing?

No! We will gladly teach all new interested members the art of design and the skills to fabricate beautiful cars.

Do I have to be an engineer to join?

No! We will gladly accept all majors and backgrounds. We are currently in need of business and marketing majors!

Why should I join Michigan State Baja Racing?

Michigan State Baja Racing is a great addition to your resume. Team building, communication, critical thinking, and innovative designs are something employers are going to see and make you stand out from the competition when it is time to get that internship or first full time position. Our network of sponsors and alumni in industry are also key references that will help you get gainfully employed upon graduation.

No! We are gratefully funded by the college of engineering and our wonderful sponsors to build our cars and go to competition cost free for members.

Does it cost money to join?

New members get to test out our cars on our test track on campus at Rookie Drive Day, and at the winter Baja competition in February in Houghton, MI. We will also have other drive days throughout the year to reward our dedicated members. For the SAE competitions, driving is based on skill and dedication to the team. So, the more you come to the shop, the more you will learn, and the more your chances of one day getting to drive at an official SAE competition will increase!

Will I be able to drive the cars?

We have weekly progress meetings on Wednesdays in room 2320 of the Engineering Building at 6:30 PM, and we build/repair cars at our shop off campus at 2857 Jolly Road, Okemos, MI 48864 on weekends. Members go out to the shop more often near competition time.

When/where does the team work on the cars?

Feel free to contact one of our leaders by emailing us at You can address it to one of our leaders, or you can just fire it off without a name and we'll make sure it finds the right person.

Brian Fedewa - Chief Engineer

Who can I contact if interested in joining?