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Envy Mud.jpeg

2019 - Luna

Luna is the newest addition to the MSU Baja Family. Weighing over 25 pounds lighter than her predecessor, Luna is the lightest vehicle MSU Baja has made yet. Featuring the most custom components of any car built before, Luna was made to go racing.

Hana Rochester3.JPG

2018 - Envy

Weighing over 50 pounds lighter than her predecessor, Envy was the lightest vehicle MSU Baja had made. A white chassis brings back a sharp look from’07.

Envy Walkout.jpg

2017 - Nyx

Thanks to a heavy focus on light-weighting, Nyx was MSU Baja’s fastest accelerating vehicle. A new coilover suspension was implemented to boost cornering and stability.

Nyx Flag.JPG

2016 - Ace

A custom gearbox utilizing a 12:1 reduction ratio was made to find the perfect balance between the top speed and acceleration of Ace. To add on to the customization, spartan engineers made a new steering rack/pinion combo to make handling butter smooth.

Ace 2 wheels.jpg

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